Thursday, September 26, 2013

Everyone says, squash, this squash that.... I mean to tell you, squash it! I can't explain to you how simple Spaghetti Squash is to make.  Literally just throw it in a pot, cover it half way up with water and boil  for about 10-20 minutes, depending on the size of it.  I tend to make my sauce with grass fed ground veal.  I nearly croaked when I saw how cheap it was at Whole Foods.  It was $9.99 for a little over a pound.  You can use grass fed beef or conventional beef if you're on a budget.  But for veal, you can't go wrong with that price.  A large spaghetti squash yields about 4 servings, but if you're gonna want some left overs or someone you know is gonna have seconds, then double the recipe and use two squash because I can guarantee you that you'll be making this again very soon so maybe you should double it so you can freeze the sauce for next time!

Yields 4 peeps:

One large Spaghetti Squash (seeded and cleaned out)
1 pound of ground Beef
2 tbsp Coconut oil  This one is what I use.. there are many more for you to choose from.
1/2 onion
3 garlic cloves
12 plum tomatoes
1/2 cup shredded carrot
2 tbsp fresh basil chopped (not killed & bruised cause you don't sharpen your knife)
1 bay leaf
2 tbsp of fresh oregano (dried is fine too)
1/2 cup red wine (the one that humans drink)
Salt to taste

pepper to taste

Halve the Spaghetti Squash length wise. Seed it out and clean it well.  Place it in boiling water for about 7-15 minutes depending on the size. It's done when a sharp knife slips into the skin.  Careful not to over cook the squash.  You don't want mushy spaghetti.  Then after it cools, fork it smoothtly to make strands.  Put it in your bowl(s) and follow the next step.

Be smart. Don't throw away this water as you could use it for your tomatoes!

Take your tomatoes and make tiny slits like a cross.  This is to peel the skin off easily.  Put tomatoes in boiling pot of water for 3 minutes.  Take out and dump them in a bowl full of ice. When they're cold and able to handle with bare hands, peel the skin off and discard. Throw tomatoes in blender or food processor.

Heat up a sauce pan add Coconut oil , onions, garlic & bay leaf. When onion is translucent, add beef.  With a mixing spoon mince up the beef constantly til it's fine and "meatball free." THEN, add carrots, cook for about 2 minutes then add the tomatoes.  Add the oregano, wine, salt and pepper.  Mix and cover.  Let simmer for 20 minutes.

Simmer sauce for about 30 minutes.  Turn off heat, set aside and add your fresh basil.  Adjust season if it needs it. Enjoy with a nice glass of Pinot Noir!

NomNomNom!!! Cheers!

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